Fola Osibo and by extension Emma Abimbola cole has gradually become the most sort after business location in Lekki phase one. Just a little over two years ago, the street was mostly residential with very few business locations situated on it. Save for the few restaurants and patisseries, the street like any other residential area within lekki phase 1 was usually a quiet place after 8pm on weekdays and weekends. So why the sudden change from a quiet residential area to a bustling commercial hub and when did this change begin? It is difficult to pin point the specific period when the street assumed the strategic business label it has garnered for itself now. Although one can trace this beginning to the redevelopment of a prized corner piece property on Babatope Bejide Crescent that now houses one of the most sought after Serviced Office providers. This development gave life to the hitherto dull ambience that initially characterized the streets and its extension Emma Abimbola Cole. Existing businesses like Seven Six and Ten interiors, Health Plus and Ideal Furniture were the only prominent nonresidential buildings that were on the street before the Springville Flexsuites development. Three years since Springville Flexsuites opened […]
    INTRODUCING A REVOLUTIONARY MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC SOLUTION TARGETED AT IMPROVING PRIVATE AND PUBLIC HEALTHCARE Springville Consulting is a focused Private/Public sector resource consulting company, fuelled by passion to identify resource gaps with high impact economic effects, and to provide effective proven and sustainable intervention strategies and solutions. Our critical target areas include; – Global Investment and partnership facilitation – Capacity building for Leadership and Innovation empowerment – Organisational transformation – Strategic Information technology solutions (Security, Health & Education) Our company has positioned itself through global strategic alliances and partnerships, to act as catalyst to address identified socio-economic challenges in key national sectors. We are thus keen on initiating and guiding through the establishment of value driven investment opportunities. As we continue to seek solutions to challenges in various development sectors, we have recently partnered with one of India’s leading healthcare technology solutions providers to proffer easy, quick and affordable diagnostic healthcare services to urban and rural dwellers in Nigeria THE PRIMARY HEALTHCARE DELIVERY GAP Effective Primary or Rural Healthcare delivery in Nigeria has remained largely unachieved since the establishment of the Primary Healthcare Development Agency in 1992. It is our opinion that several interventions of government to get appropriate healthcare resources […]
  • How Innovative Telehealth Technology Can Increase Efficiency and Reduce Healthcare Costs
    Healthcare in Nigeria as in most of Sub-Saharan Africa is hardly accessible and when it is, the cost of accessing quality health care is usually beyond the citizens. This directly impacts on economic output as man hours are lost as a result of never ending health issues that could have been resolved through a visit to a credible and affordable physician. The growing cost of health care and inaccessibility to such is still a growing concern that continues to affect small and large organisations in Africa, a solution to this are innovative technologies. In the United States where Healthcare is at its optimum, it is estimated that 80% of employers will offer Tele-health services by 2018. A Consumer Health Connections study in a state in USA, reported that, with the presence of telehealth, 70 percent of physician visits were handled virtually and 90 percent of patients were “highly satisfied” with the care they received. There are two common services that are offered on this innovative platform, they are; Telemedicine and Nurse Triage. What are they, what can be treated virtually, and what are the benefits? Here is what Employers need to know. Telehealth services help people access convenient and timely […]